Friday, August 6, 2010

What Did You Say?

Both a sultry stride and a goofy grin can send nonverbal signals. Nonverbal communication is what we are saying when our lips are not moving. It can speak louder than words and 70% of messages are not actually said at all.

Remember when the word sorry was just not enough or when acting enthusiastic fell short of true excitement? This might have been caused by what was being projected nonverbally in facial expression and/or body language.

Before you open your mouth people are assessing you. It is a fact so why not use it to your advantage? Everyone wants to be noticed in the right ways and knowledge of nonverbal communication will help any individual feel confident in the game of life.


A big smile can spell sincerity. Openness to new adventures mixed with positive intent will allow opportunities to come your way. Smiling is extremely important and should not be taken lightly. A half smile can mean flirtation, seduction, contemplation and eagerness when it is accompanied by the right hand gestures and eye contact. A full grin can tell someone that you mean business, like them, are interested, happy, and available.

To smile correctly be aware of the setting. After all every individual is the lead character in their own spectacular role in life. In dark moody places try little smiles to get attention then move to full smiles. In bright outdoor places let those teeth shine under the sun. To show real enthusiasm lean your head back and let out a big grin. To show interest in an idea keep your teeth to yourself and give a half smile.


When choosing an outfit for any occasion make sure it is stylish. Then comfort comes next. I know many will swear by pajamas, nice try. Although they are comfortable they nonverbally say, “I’ve given up.” To do comfort right, choose an outfit that enhances what you’re mama gave you and makes you feel like a million bucks. Comfort and fashion can go hand and hand.

Confidence and comfort can be seen a mile away and will let passers know they are dealing with a pro. Fashion should be an extension of an individual’s personality and can send the right or wrong messages. Invest in pieces that will always be in style and stay away from trends.

Ladies stick to classics like a black wrap dress and dark fitted jeans made for your fabulous frame. Gents stock your closet with one nice suit and also a pair of jeans that are your style. Never be shy to ask for advice. This will make sure that every piece screams sensibility and style.


A walk is only a stroll if it is lacking confidence. Chin up, shoulders back and chest to the sky is sexy on both men and women. Do not down play this part, it is important. Save exaggerated walks for the runway and keep a confident stride for the streets. To achieve this invest in shoes that are made for walking. Yes there are heels that have an added bonus of four wheel drive. Every step should be strong and exude confidence.

If lighting up the room with a captivating entrance is a goal, then walking is your saving grace. Take a step in the right nonverbal right direction by keeping your chin parallel with the ground and eyes straight ahead. Eye contact while walking will tell the world that you are ready for anything.

Never get lost in translation. Whether someone is giving non verbal cues or you are receiving them make sure that how you present yourself is honest and genuine. Lying will come in loud and clear through nonverbal cues. A tell tale sign of someone that is not being honest through their body language is sweating, twitching, shifting and/or excessive blinking. Be aware of fake nonverbal and become a star at attacking the right situations and people into your life.

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